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iClaim - what is that?

Claims Management is a term commonly used in the insurance industry. “iClaim“ stands for intelligent claims management.

But what does "intelligent" mean in connection with a claim?

The initial situation

The initial situation

The cost pressure on insurance companies is still high. The trend to reduce claims expenses is still increasing.

Nevertheless, insurers have made no sustainable improvements on the average claims expenditure, despite considerable efforts, extensive test programmes, development of partner networks, use of testing organizations and savings in vehicle appraisals.

Current state of play

Current state of play

The expert business in Germany lags a long way behind the market developments of its competitors abroad. In Germany, the expert has seen no revolutionary changes to his working procedure in the last 20 years.

The basic digitalization of the expert business is long overdue and a few options are already available. However insurers only use these to reduce costs, often not completely in accordance to the law. It would be much more efficient and legally compliant to find an approach that guarantees high quality appraisals without vast errors and leakages - quality is still the most important criterion even in times of digitization.

The solution

The solution

All over the world there is a need for high-quality claim reports that are also cost-efficient. The focus of iClaim EXPERTS for the future is to create high quality and cost efficient production of automotive expertises and accident appraisals to achieve “win win” situations for all parties involved.

To achieve this, the processes around the reports need to be efficient and lean and with high quality results, so that they can be used for claims settlements and to be produced within a reasonable time and cost frame.



Automotive experts will continue to be in demand as a neutral party between claim, expectations and reality in claims for damages. For more than 20 years management consultants have not tired to predict the demise of automotive experts. However, only recently we have seen what can happen in the automotive business if companies are free to do what they want. Independent and unbiased experts are becoming more important than ever before!

iClaim EXPERTS are committed to customising intelligent processes for the customer, in accordance with statutory and legal requirements and in cooperation with car manufacturers, repair shops and insurance companies to the benefit of all involved – making claims settlements simpler, faster, more efficient and transparent.

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